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Birgit Wolf (Stoeckl)

Mag. phil., Dr. phil. (Journalism and Communication Sciences, Political Sciences, Gender Studies, Audiovisual

Communication)Wolf_Birgit 2External Lecturer, Department of Communication, University of ViennaProject

Coordinator at Notruf.Beratung (women´s counseling for victims of rape and sexual violence)

ViennaHead of Social Care and Project Coordinator at Johanniter Unfallhilfe Wien – NÖ – Flüchtlingshilfe 

(Johanniter’s Basic Care for Refugees, Austria)

Gender and Social Sciences Researcher 

International Certified Coach ICC

Gender- & diversity sensitive Business Consultancy in Marketing and Human Resources; Specialty: Gender,

ICT & Education; Media Representation of Gender and Gender-based Violence, Sexualised violence.

Member of Directive Board of Austrian Autonomous Women´s Shelter Network (AOEF)

Open borders, bridging gaps, social justice, gender equality, connecting people, communication for the increase of social intelligence, research for social practice, education, safe homes and a life free of violence & poverty for all.

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Datum, Uhrzeit 11.02.2020, 19:00
Ort Parcademy, Erdbergstraße 10, 1030 Wien